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EP #3 : Dilani Rabindran - How To Make Money In The Film Industry

March 22, 2021 Ara Episode 3
The Tamil Creator
EP #3 : Dilani Rabindran - How To Make Money In The Film Industry
Show Notes

 Ara chats with the founder and managing director of Viewfinder Film Consulting, Dilani Rabindran, about her passion for global cinema, starting a short film fund in her late father's name to help independent filmmakers, the South Asian stigma of having a career in the creative arts, who she finds inspiration from in the entertainment space, and much more.


00:15 - Introducing Dilani Rabindran

01:40 - Working for TIFF and the doors it opened

03:16 - Starting Viewfinder Film Consulting to help filmmakers

08:45 - COVID's impact on film festivals and transitioning VFC to a production company

10:30 - What film product entails, production in India vs. Canada

12:12 - Starting a short film fund in her late father’s name

14:08 - Dilani’s writing journey with the likes of Behindwoods, the Juggernaut, & TC

17:53 - The misconceptions of someone living in the West when they perceive Chennai

23:47 - Is the stigma of having a career in the field of creative arts changing? How Dilani’s parents reacted to her pursuing her creative passions

26:30 - How Dilani mitigates risk by working with Cineplex

28:23 - Dilani’s favourite book(s), her newly launched podcast called The Attitude to help promote South Asian women and their endeavours

31:17 - Beliefs and behaviours which have helped Dilani grow, specifically the importance of delegating

34:05 - The impact of being a part of the Tamil, Canadian, and Chennai communities

36:07 - Finding inspiration from individuals in the entertainment space, both in the Tamil community and globally

39:09 - The legacy Dilani wants to be remembered for

40:15 - Would You Choose speed round

45:03 - Where you can find Dilani, other projects she’s working on, Kim’s convenience

47:18 - Outro

Read more of Dilani's content on including her time spent in Chennai!

Dilani Rabindran

Viewfinder Film Consulting

The Attitude Podcast

Krish Rabindran (Dilani's brother)